We trust shipping with Shipping Line and Air Freight Services that have been trusted for decades. This is to give you a sense of security, to ensure all goods arrive at their destination without problems.

Preparation before flight. Loading of cargo container against airplane.

UAB provides options:


Expedition Shipping

International Cargo Logistics Shipping

UAB uses the best shipping companies to ship your goods to all ports in the world. Competitive pricing, commitment and good reputation guarantee your smooth shipment to all 5 continents.

Expedition Shipping

A selection of Indonesia's major ports:

The existence of UAB offices in various major cities in Indonesia makes it easier for MSMEs and exporters in each city to easily ship between islands and between countries with competitive fleet choices.

Hamburg Port Of Hamburg Container Ship Germany

Expedition Shipping

Favorite port of call:

Experience in shipping containers to major ports in the world is an advantage of UAB so that it is able to provide solutions for schedules, prices, and travel time solutions for business people.

Expedition Shipping

A selection of Indonesia's major cargo airports:

A fast cargo shipping option is by air through various major cargo airports in Indonesia. Choose your nearest airport, and contact us for the best shipping rates.

Expedition Shipping


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