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Pick Up/ trucking

Services include pick-up of both FCL and LCL cargo, from the customer's warehouse to the selected port.

warehouse, Forklift, lift, Logistics, delivery, Crane, shipping


Loading process at the customer's warehouse, either using forklits or human labor.

Cros docking

The process of transferring cargo from a box car or truck to another car or to a container.

Undername / trader

Name lending for export and import customs clearance, standard and QQ.

Customs Export

Process of making PEB until the issuance of NPE for export activities.

Custom Handling

The process of receiving cargo at the Port / airport warehouse door, so that it enters the CY.

Ocean/Air Freight

Shipping cost information by ship or airplane on a port to port basis.

Consolidation (UAB)

Freight services for LCL goods

Destination Handling (UAB Agent)

The process of releasing goods from the port to the warehouse door of the destination port, coupled with Destination custom clearance (UAB Agent) and also the import declaration process at the customs officer in the destination country.

Delivery/ Haulage (UAB Agent)

Shipping from the port to the buyer's warehouse in the destination city.

Warehousing (MLI)

Warehouse rental services either by dimension or space, can offer added services such as sorting, packaging, retailing delivery, and others.

Training (MLI)

Training services related to export & import, packaging, sourcing, overseas markets, with the aim of helping MSMEs and small businesses in developing their businesses. This opens up enthusiasm for entrepreneurs to see potential buyers outside the island, even abroad.